Types of dog jewelry

Paw Print & Non-Breed Specific Jewelry
Front paw jewelry in Sterling Silver. Rings, earrings & bracelets available separate or as a set. Also, available other pieces such as our infamous “Pooper Scooper” earrings!Charms Charms
An unbelievable selection of hand-crafted head, full body and trotting pose charms. Available in over 170 breeds and several sizes and styles.
Pins & Pendants
Many unique designs as well as our standard dog breed pins and pendants are included in these sections. Our special designs include our original breed origin pins as well as many other styles of pins and pendants.
Many of our original dog breed pins are also available as necklaces that include 18″ or 22″ inch chains as well as our black tube style necklace.
Slimline Rings
Dog jewelry slimline ring collection includes head, full body, trotting, laying as well as play pose positions.
Dog head and full body poses available as studs, ball n’ post and french wire hooks. Also available in drop-style earrings with turquoise, coral or black beads.
Anklets Wrist & Ankle Bracelets
Several beautiful styles of dog breed bracelets and anklets are now available in many breeds.
Cuff-linksĀ & Key Clips
Dress up any special occasion with our one of a kind dog breed cuff-links, available as standard heads or medallion style. Also available our unique full body dog breed key-clip.
Champion Agility & Breed Championship
Agility charm bracelets and championship dog breed pins and earrings show your accomplishments in the show ring!
Design Custom Designs
If you don’t see what your looking for submit a photo or drawing and we will put it into our list of new carvings!

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