Masonic Ring Styles

Masonry: What is it?

The art of building using stones is what is known as masonry and the person who gets this done is either known as a mason or a stonemason. Whatever other meaning of this word that exists are all related to using stones for construction. For instance, ‘maceria’ is a Latin word that means ‘wall’. Carved stones such as benches and headstones or even buildings can also be described using this word. When masonry is used to describe a building, the description usually points at the stones that have been used to construct it. Masonry is a very lucrative job since working with stones is a job reserved for the few who have mastered the art; they can wear Masonic rings to attest to their Masonic skills.

For instance, when describing a building, one can say how unique the stonework in the building really is. Traditionally, only stones were readily available as building materials hence the reason building constructed at the time comprise of stonework. Stunning and unique masonry can be seen in cathedrals built during the medieval times that still exist up to date. Carved stones can be used to decorate buildings that feature masonry for looks that are both functional and attractive. Though this is true, there are also buildings that feature stones piled on top of one another and cements used to hold them together.

Affordable Masonic Rings

Masonic Ring

In order to come up with a building that is solid and safe, physics and engineering is needed in order to put the stones together. The stones must be designed and assembled with care due to their heavy weights for proper balance; an imbalance of stones can cause the building to fall. The architectural engineering on ancient buildings features alcoves, distinct feats, niches, doorways that are ornamented decoratively as well as vaulted arches among others.

It is not easy to carve stones because they are brittle and very hard in nature; this is the reason carving stones is an art. A mason cannot just pick a stone and start working on it but must inspect them first to determine if they can meet their needs. When shaping up the stones to desired shapes, there is no room for making errors; this is something a professional mason will tell you. Chisels and hammers are main tools used to carve or shape stones to be used in construction by masons. When you take a look at a carved stone, there is no doubt that you will notice the wonderful work of art.

Expert masons train those interested in this trade through apprenticeship; trainees are shown how to use the tools necessary to get work done and also how to determine whether a specific rock can be of importance or not. Trainees make so many errors that can be quite frustrating but with persistence, they eventually learn this art of carving stone, get good jobs and are appreciated by their clients.

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Traveling with your Dog

If you share a bond with your dog, leaving them behind when you want to go on a trip may sound like a bad idea. Dogs can make very useful companions when on a journey and this depends on factors such as their levels of socialization and training. It also depends whether dogs are allowed on your flight or bus. If that is not the case, just get yourself Dog Lover Gift Pendant to carry along with you for good memories of the best times you had with your dog. Here are some of the things that will come into play when you travel with your dog.

Dog Lover Gift Pendant

Dog Lover Gift Pendant

You may never realise the importance of properly identifying your dog until you lose him or her in a foreign territory. The idea of losing your pet is awful in itself and therefore you should strive to identify your dog. This will help you plan for the trip while taking measures to ensure that he or she does not get lost. If you can identify him or her from a group of other dogs, you will have hope of finding it when the worst does happen.

A collar is ideal especially if you plan to travel for a long period of time. This is where a pet tag comes in.The collar should contain a tag which has your current details so that in case your dog gets lost, he or she can easily be traced and returned to you. A home address may not be appropriate especially if you are travelling abroad but if you have a cellular phone number, you can add such detail on the collar tag of your dog. You can also use the phone number of a friend or relative who can contact you.

Another helpful idea would be to put the phone number of the place where you will be staying, be it a hotel or at someone’s home, on the tag. This might require you to change the details on the collar tag daily but that is better than no tag at all.

Finding accommodation, while travelling with your dog, is quite easy. However, one needs to look up different hotels to check whether they are pet-friendly. While staying overnight at a pet-friendly hotel, it is recommended that you ensure your dog is at its best behaviour. Training the dog on simple manners and etiquette will go a long way in ensuring that you do not get on the wrong side of the hotel’s pet policy.

Car travel with your dog can be fun but safety should come first. Driving while your dog is resting on your lap can be risky especially if he or she is playful. Your dog has to be restrained always and this can be done by fastening a seat belt around them or a belted carrier or crate. This way, your dog will not injure him or herself or get their head out of the car. Adhering to these tips can make your trip an enjoyable one. When your dog behaves well, it is time to treat yourself with dog paw jewelry; be the proud owner of a well-behaved dog!

Puppy Paw Sterling Silver Pendant

Puppy Paw Sterling Silver Pendant

How to keep your Cat happy

Cats are the kind of pets which if happy will look very adorable. An angry cat however is very unruly and annoying. When a cat is in this unhappy state, you will find it tearing up the upholstery of your living room seats and breaking items in the house. Keeping it happy will let you live in peace. Cats can also turn into rogues and cause harm to your family, for instance, they can scratch your children. A happy cat is a happy pet owner and thus one can also get themselves cat jewelry to keep up the happy mood and love for their pet.

All these are to remind you that you should keep your cat happy all the time. This is very simple for anyone living with a cat as a pet. You do not need to spend so much money to make it happen. The first thing you should do is feed your cat well. Once in a while give the cat some rare treats bought from the pet food store where you shop from. Cats also love milk and you can pour them a bowl every day. A happy cat is very peaceful and once you feed your cat you can be sure that it will be a very peaceful pet. This cat lover jewelry pendant will always keep one’s cat pet at heart wherever they are or make great gifts.

Cat Lover Gifts

Cat Lover Gifts

Take some time off your busy schedule to play with your cat. This is a great show of love to the pet. What most people forget is that animals can pick up some signals from human emotions. They can tell whether you love them or not through the little things you do for them. Playing around with them will show them that you really love and care for them.

Find your cat a good name. The best name for any kind of pet is one that symbolizes some love and care. A cat would respond very well to a cute name. Pets can actually pick up signals of whether you have given them a nice name or not. Beside the good name, you should also call the cat in a loving way. A pet tag would do for branding purposes.You can have a nice name for the cat but once it comes to calling the cat you do not portray the love that is required. Always call your cat lovingly and softly. You will find it purring swiftly to you.

A very important thing to do is prepare the cat a very nice place to sleep. Prepare for it a very comfortable sleeping area that is not shared with any other pet. Get some nice warm sleeping materials for the pet. Clean the sleeping area regularly to rid it of any dirt. You can also buy some toys for the cat to play with and occupy it while you are busy. This way, it will not engage in any destructive activities. At the end of the day, you will have a very happy cat.


Rescued Pets and How to Help

There are many stories about rescued animals and this is always a reason for celebration.  So many animals are put down due to lack of space and resources.  Neutering and spaying them makes an enormous difference in reducing homeless animals.

Think about rescuing animals and make their lives happier, offering each of them a better life every single day of their lives.  Can you imagine what tremendous difference it makes to find a home for a homeless pet? There are not enough words to describe the sense of satisfaction!
There have been all types of animals stories in which an amazing story of rescue is involved. An example is the starfish, saved by a man, who never gave up in despite of a daunting mission, but it meant the whole world to him.  When people stared at him and asked why he was tossing back the starfish into the ocean when there were so many around, he simply looked back and answered “It made a difference to him and to me”. Every animal counts, there is a story and belief behind it.  The reward is an incredible feeling, which is all worth it.
There are many organizations who are in charge of some great projects, where people make a wonderful difference and change their world. We can adopt, volunteer, donate (not only money, but plenty of other items, such as blankets, toys, food, newspapers, etc), spread the message about the positive effects of adopting and teach our children.
Some simple and fun examples of how to help can be, to raise money through blogging, with places such as BlogPaws.  Another project is the “Be the Change of Animals”, where they highlight one cause per week.  Money is not involved, but they ask for signing petitions or letter-writing campaigns.  “Paw Pawty”, organized in Twitter, is a virtual party, where you meet all types of new pals.  Pictures, singing, dancing and contests are shared and great prizes are being offered.
How would you like to help, do you have any project in mind? Do you have any story you would like to share with us?  We would love to hear from you!


Visiting the vet because your pet is sick is not an interesting exercise. Furthermore there is a lot of money that you will spend on treatment and medicine for your pet. There are a couple of simple things you can do to avoid such trips to the vet. Any subsequent visits to the doctor will just be regular checkups that would not be anything serious. You will also save a lot of money by avoiding the trips. Just as one would care for their pet jewelry, so should they do the same to their pets.

Cleaning your pet regularly is a very simple way of avoiding any kind of sickness. Many of the pet sicknesses are usually caused by pests that attack them.  Such pests get a good chance to infect your pets if they are not gotten rid of immediately. Thorough cleaning is a good way of getting rid of them. Shop for the best kind of soap for your pet and make a timetable when to wash them . After cleaning it, dry your pet very well. Dampness is a good environment for some pests to reside in. A good cleansing and drying will leave your pet very fresh and disease free.

Most of the pet diseases are normally transmitted from one pet to another. When a pet which is sick or is a carrier of a certain sickness comes into contact with your pet, there is a very high chance that your pet will also feel sick. The most common transmitters of such diseases are stray pets. Stray dogs and cats do not have people who are dedicated to taking care of them. As a result, they may have a number of diseases. Keep a close watch on your pet so that it does not interact with such animals. They can affect your pet with strange strains of diseases that may be hard to treat.

Having a good diet prepared for your pet is another great way to avoid any sickness. Just like humans the pets also need nutrients to give them a strong immune system. The diet should include all the types of food that animals need to grow up healthy and strong. Include plenty of fluids in the diet so as to avoid cases of constipation. You will be surprised how healthy your pet will be when you put it on a well thought out and planned diet.

Keep the environment in which the pet stays very clean. It does not matter whether you have cleaned the pet or not in case the environ is not kept clean. It would actually beat logic that you clean the pet but not the place where it stays. The bedding it sleeps on should be changed and cleaned regularly. A clean pet that lives in a clean place will always be healthy. For those who keep dogs for a pet, they might just like dog bone jewelry for themselves.

Dog Bone Jewelry

Dog Bone Jewelry

Interesting Facts about the Hummingbird

  • Hummingbirds are only found in North America, Central America & South America.
  • Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, ranging in size from 2 – 8”.
  • Live span:  they live for about 4 years
  • Hummingbirds visit from 2 to 5,000 flowers a day
  • Hummingbird hearts beat from 500 to 1,200 times per minute
  • Hummingbird wings beat around 60 times per second
  • For their size, hummingbirds have the largest heart & brain of all animals
  • Hummingbirds have no sense of smell
  • Hummingbirds can consume twice their weight daily
  • Their color is produced by refraction of light, not by pigment
  • Their average speed is 45 miles p/hour
  • Their tongues are twice the length of their bills
  • In addition to nectar, hummingbirds eat insects for protein
  • Hummingbirds cannot walk, only perch
  • Hummingbirds fly only 20% of the time
  • Costa Rica has 850 different bird species and 51 species of hummingbirds.

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Courtship and Reproduction
Hummingbirds are competitive and solitary creatures. Hybrid mating is relatively rare among hummingbirds. It is often the female who begins looking for the male once she has chosen a location for her nest and started to build it.  Males attract females by posing, flying in particular patterns and creating vocal and wing sounds. Sometimes they dive toward females, or fly back and forth before them, showing off the iridescence of their feathers.  The males also ‘possess’ territories rich in flowers and the females gain an ample food source in exchange for offering the male sole paternity rights.  Intercourse is brief, though it may occur several times, but never for more than one day. The birds can actually mate while in mid-flight.  Once the act has been completed, the female hummingbird lays the eggs and then hatches them on her own. She usually chooses a location that is not in a most favorable feeding area, opting for peace and quiet, even if it means relying upon insects as the staple of her diet.

The eggs are tiny, the size of jellybeans, and the average incubation is 16 days. Usually only two eggs are laid, a day apart, and the mother uses techniques to warm and shade them to maintain a constant 90 degree temperature until they are ready to hatch. It takes a little more than three weeks for hummingbird babies to grow feathers and reach their adult size, while their bills reach full size a bit later. At four weeks, the birds are ready to survive on their own.

Hummingbird food habits
Because hummingbirds have no sense of smell, they must find their food by sight. Young hummingbirds must learn to expect nectar from colored blossoms.  The flowers hummingbirds use for nectar sources have evolved with them. To attract a hummingbird, a flower must be red, bloom in the daytime, be rich in nectar and lack any sort of landing pad thereby eliminating competition from other birds.

Flowers without landing pads are accessible only by hummingbirds, which can hover and feed while hanging in the air. Other flowers such as trumpet or tubular shaped blossoms provide selective feeding for the hummingbirds since only the long, narrow bill of the hummingbird is able to access the succulent nectar. Some hummingbirds feed from a single plant all day. Others have fixed feeding routes that cover large distances. They methodically fly in special patterns that define their territory. To survive, a hummingbird must consume more than its weight in food each day, which equates to between 6,000 and 12,000 calories per day. About 70% of this food comes in the form of liquefied sugar and the rest from insect protein. A hummingbird’s diet consists of nectar, sap and insects. If insects are available, a hummingbird may eat hundreds of them in one day, they may even raid a spider’s web to eat a captured insect or the spider himself. The nectar mixture in our hummingbird feeders is comprised of one part sugar, four parts water. A higher sugar content could cause cavities in their bills and obesity. Most days the entire contents of our feeders will be completely consumed by late afternoon. The birds consume 50 pounds of sugar a week.

Survival of Hummingbirds
Hummingbird survival skills must be learned by the new adults on their own, including flying, searching for food, avoiding predators, bathing and grooming.

Territoriality can become a crucial, even violent issue. The birds will stake out an area of nectar-rich flowering plants and defend it vehemently by dive-bombing and occasionally stabbing rivals with their beaks.

They include hawks, orioles, roadrunners, crows, jays and other large birds. Mice and cats can also represent a danger to baby hummingbirds and in minor cases, praying mantises and tarantulas. However, history shows that humans were its largest predators in the late nineteenth century when we killed millions of hummingbirds to use their feathers and bodies as ornaments on hats.

Migration of Hummingbird
Males migrate about three weeks earlier than females. This may be that the males are protecting the females and their young from starvation by exploring unknown territories in advance.

Sleeping Habits
Because hummingbirds have very little down and body fat, they must rely on their metabolisms to keep them warm. To protect themselves from lower temperatures at night, they go into a torpid state, meaning their normal body temperature of 86 degrees can drop to as low as 70 degrees, often matching the outside air. This ability allows them to conserve energy as their heartbeat slows from a daytime high of 1,200 beats a minute to 159 beats a minute.

Similar to the bee, the hummingbird seeks nectar from flowering plants. During the process of extracting the nectar from the flower tube, pollen clings to their bill and feathers. As they visit different flowers of the same species of plant fertilization occurs and seeds are produced.

How To Keep Your Dog Happy?

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Every pet owner has to consider several things before getting the pet they want. Taking care of your pet is paramount and this involves making them happy. Here are some of the ways of keeping our dog happy always.

Firstly, just like any other pet, treat your dog with care and love. Dogs are sensitive animals therefore you cannot just play around with it like a lifeless toy. You should be able to treat your dog like a family member as well as a best friend. This will involve you playing with him and spending time together as much as you can. You can also buy dog jewelry to show the kind of love you have for your dog.

Dogs do not like being chained and choked on the leash all the time. You should not lock him in a kernel or in the house all day. Actually, allowing him to play outside will be good for his health. Dogs love running around and having fun and you can dedicate some of your time for yours to play. Apart from having fun, your dog also gets to exercise and stay energetic.

Just like human beings, dogs also love to socialize with their own kind. You have to come up with a schedule which dictates the number of times you take your dog for a walk. Consider going to a park where he will get to interact and play with other dogs. This is also a good opportunity for your dog to get some fresh air and exercise.

You do not need to confine your dog to certain activities only. Knowing the kind of activities which he likes to do can give you an insight into which of them you can incorporate into their day-to-day routine. Some dogs, for example, love swimming and any chance they get makes them happy. You can let them swim in your swimming pool or look for a safe river or lake for them to enjoy the wetness.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Apart from exercise, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet for him. If you notice any allergies or infections, you should take your dog to the vet immediately. Training your dog on matters of etiquette and imparting on him basic skills is also important.

Black Diamond Paw Print Jewelry

Black Diamond Paw Print Jewelry

Simple acts of love and kindness can go a long way in ensuring that your dog is happy all the time. Sometimes, all your dog needs is a loving scratch, rub or pat. Old dogs are especially fond of such loving gestures. You can do this anytime you are free and help your dog relax. Treating your dog to their favorite food is also another way of keeping him happy. You can also buy him toys to play with or get another dog to keep him company. As mentioned above, dog paw jewelry or any other kind of jewelry is another simple gesture of expressing one’s love of his/her dog.

Bicycling – A great sport

Why is bicycling such a great sport?
Being in touch with nature is one of the greatest gifts, you breath fresh air, you enjoy the view, you are by yourself, at your own pace or you bike in a group. You can do it indoors or outdoors, having all flexibility that you want. You save on gas consumption and avoid air pollution.  It is for free and maintenance is rather inexpensive.
Cycling is a wonderful exercise, mostly a great cardiovascular workout.  If you do it regularly, your body stays lean.  You tighten your legs, arms and even your stomach. It is the ideal low impact exercise, for men or women at any age.
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Affordable Masonic Rings

The Masonic symbol is a huge part of Americana history.  It symbolizes how the world was created from the ground up.  Each ring is made with the same quality the masons put into their work.  They are beautiful gold rings with the emblem right on top for all to see.  Some rings have jewels surrounAffordable Masonic Ringsding the emblem giving it even more character.

The gold itself is 14k and 24k depending on the ring and highly crafted to form a beautiful piece of wearable art.  You can’t go wrong with gold, not only it is a gorgeous precious metal, the size of the ring itself is large and signifies masculinity.

The rings are gold plated and absolutely beautiful.  It would make a perfect gift for a birthday or valentine’s day.   Anyone who is into the history of the mason will love this ring.  You can get them in several different styles, including silver to match anyone’s taste and for a very affordable price too.  The quality of the work, mixed with the meaning of the symbol makes these rings timeless treasures from the modern world.

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