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Masonry: What is it?

The art of building using stones is what is known as masonry and the person who gets this done is either known as a mason or a stonemason. Whatever other meaning of this word that exists are all related to using stones for construction. For instance, ‘maceria’ is a Latin word that means ‘wall’. Carved stones such as benches and headstones or even buildings can also be described using this word. When masonry is used to describe a building, the description usually points at the stones that have been used to construct it. Masonry is a very lucrative job since working with stones is a job reserved for the few who have mastered the art; they can wear Masonic rings to attest to their Masonic skills.

For instance, when describing a building, one can say how unique the stonework in the building really is. Traditionally, only stones were readily available as building materials hence the reason building constructed at the time comprise of stonework. Stunning and unique masonry can be seen in cathedrals built during the medieval times that still exist up to date. Carved stones can be used to decorate buildings that feature masonry for looks that are both functional and attractive. Though this is true, there are also buildings that feature stones piled on top of one another and cements used to hold them together.

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In order to come up with a building that is solid and safe, physics and engineering is needed in order to put the stones together. The stones must be designed and assembled with care due to their heavy weights for proper balance; an imbalance of stones can cause the building to fall. The architectural engineering on ancient buildings features alcoves, distinct feats, niches, doorways that are ornamented decoratively as well as vaulted arches among others.

It is not easy to carve stones because they are brittle and very hard in nature; this is the reason carving stones is an art. A mason cannot just pick a stone and start working on it but must inspect them first to determine if they can meet their needs. When shaping up the stones to desired shapes, there is no room for making errors; this is something a professional mason will tell you. Chisels and hammers are main tools used to carve or shape stones to be used in construction by masons. When you take a look at a carved stone, there is no doubt that you will notice the wonderful work of art.

Expert masons train those interested in this trade through apprenticeship; trainees are shown how to use the tools necessary to get work done and also how to determine whether a specific rock can be of importance or not. Trainees make so many errors that can be quite frustrating but with persistence, they eventually learn this art of carving stone, get good jobs and are appreciated by their clients.

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