Bicycling – A great sport

Why is bicycling such a great sport?
Being in touch with nature is one of the greatest gifts, you breath fresh air, you enjoy the view, you are by yourself, at your own pace or you bike in a group. You can do it indoors or outdoors, having all flexibility that you want. You save on gas consumption and avoid air pollution.  It is for free and maintenance is rather inexpensive.
Cycling is a wonderful exercise, mostly a great cardiovascular workout.  If you do it regularly, your body stays lean.  You tighten your legs, arms and even your stomach. It is the ideal low impact exercise, for men or women at any age.
Featured here is a nice woman’s bicycle cord necklace for any cyclist enthusiast.  The pink cord holds a cute sterling silver bicycle pendant.
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Pink Cord Bicycle Pendant

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Light weighted and comfortable for any ride.  Created by a cyclist fan!
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