Rescued Pets and How to Help

There are many stories about rescued animals and this is always a reason for celebration.  So many animals are put down due to lack of space and resources.  Neutering and spaying them makes an enormous difference in reducing homeless animals.

Think about rescuing animals and make their lives happier, offering each of them a better life every single day of their lives.  Can you imagine what tremendous difference it makes to find a home for a homeless pet? There are not enough words to describe the sense of satisfaction!
There have been all types of animals stories in which an amazing story of rescue is involved. An example is the starfish, saved by a man, who never gave up in despite of a daunting mission, but it meant the whole world to him.  When people stared at him and asked why he was tossing back the starfish into the ocean when there were so many around, he simply looked back and answered “It made a difference to him and to me”. Every animal counts, there is a story and belief behind it.  The reward is an incredible feeling, which is all worth it.
There are many organizations who are in charge of some great projects, where people make a wonderful difference and change their world. We can adopt, volunteer, donate (not only money, but plenty of other items, such as blankets, toys, food, newspapers, etc), spread the message about the positive effects of adopting and teach our children.
Some simple and fun examples of how to help can be, to raise money through blogging, with places such as BlogPaws.  Another project is the “Be the Change of Animals”, where they highlight one cause per week.  Money is not involved, but they ask for signing petitions or letter-writing campaigns.  “Paw Pawty”, organized in Twitter, is a virtual party, where you meet all types of new pals.  Pictures, singing, dancing and contests are shared and great prizes are being offered.
How would you like to help, do you have any project in mind? Do you have any story you would like to share with us?  We would love to hear from you!

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