How To Keep Your Dog Happy?

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Every pet owner has to consider several things before getting the pet they want. Taking care of your pet is paramount and this involves making them happy. Here are some of the ways of keeping our dog happy always.

Firstly, just like any other pet, treat your dog with care and love. Dogs are sensitive animals therefore you cannot just play around with it like a lifeless toy. You should be able to treat your dog like a family member as well as a best friend. This will involve you playing with him and spending time together as much as you can. You can also buy dog jewelry to show the kind of love you have for your dog.

Dogs do not like being chained and choked on the leash all the time. You should not lock him in a kernel or in the house all day. Actually, allowing him to play outside will be good for his health. Dogs love running around and having fun and you can dedicate some of your time for yours to play. Apart from having fun, your dog also gets to exercise and stay energetic.

Just like human beings, dogs also love to socialize with their own kind. You have to come up with a schedule which dictates the number of times you take your dog for a walk. Consider going to a park where he will get to interact and play with other dogs. This is also a good opportunity for your dog to get some fresh air and exercise.

You do not need to confine your dog to certain activities only. Knowing the kind of activities which he likes to do can give you an insight into which of them you can incorporate into their day-to-day routine. Some dogs, for example, love swimming and any chance they get makes them happy. You can let them swim in your swimming pool or look for a safe river or lake for them to enjoy the wetness.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Apart from exercise, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet for him. If you notice any allergies or infections, you should take your dog to the vet immediately. Training your dog on matters of etiquette and imparting on him basic skills is also important.

Black Diamond Paw Print Jewelry

Black Diamond Paw Print Jewelry

Simple acts of love and kindness can go a long way in ensuring that your dog is happy all the time. Sometimes, all your dog needs is a loving scratch, rub or pat. Old dogs are especially fond of such loving gestures. You can do this anytime you are free and help your dog relax. Treating your dog to their favorite food is also another way of keeping him happy. You can also buy him toys to play with or get another dog to keep him company. As mentioned above, dog paw jewelry or any other kind of jewelry is another simple gesture of expressing one’s love of his/her dog.

14 kt Dog Paw Print Birthstone Charm

Dog collars as many times so plain; why not add a little glitz to the pooch by giving them a beautiful 14kt charm that accentuates the love you have for your best friend?  This charm represents the month your dog was born in a delicate, non-intrusive way.  With the nicely sized and placed birthstone that you can choose from, you will always be able to remember when your fur baby came into this world.

You can choose from all 12 months stones, even April, the stunning diamond.  Each stone is securely placed on the stone to be able to run, jump and play with your animal.  At the top of the paw there is a nicely sized gold strip that has and attached loop to hang off the collar.  The paw itself is perfectly proportioned with the pad hole sizes, it truly looks like a real paw.  With a price tag of $89.99 ($189.99 for April) the charm is quite nice and well worth it.

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